Atelier 1 (15/16)

The New Vernacular Through Filters

Tutor: Julian Marsh

The theme of this studio is curation. In it we have explored the way we use the curative act to organise the physical, emotional, philosophical and political environment to provide a secure and meaningful framework for our lives. We have considered the idea of curation through the medium of filters, ways of dealing with the informational and ideological overload that confronts and confuses our everyday lives. Our choice of newspaper and even our friends can be seen as filtering, a similar process to the formation of inner city communities with strong bonds of class or ethnicity.

We have chosen the Dutch City of Delft as the location in which to develop our individual projects. Delft is a place where the act of urban curation is very evident, providing strong rules as to how to build, but then encouraging individual freedom within the rules of the urban framework. This philosophy is a direct reflection of the way in which Delft society also seems to work. Delft is a city which has a history of interest in the notion of the filter beginning with the scientist Anthony Van Leewenhoek and very much evident in the optical techniques used by Vermeer.

For the outside world the City of Delft  is engaged in another level of curation, placing itself as a combination of tourist destination and centre for the development of hi-tech ideas and development. Beneath the surface though there are other realities and many of the individual projects shown here are exploring them, looking at ways in which curative and filtering techniques can be used to respond; uncovering, supporting, educating and taking adaptive action as a potentially uncertain future for the City unfolds.

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