Atelier 3 (15/16)

Tactical Media Architecture

Tutor: Sam Vardy

“Don’t watch TV, just do it!”

This year Atelier 3 explored the spaces and actions of community or tactical media – local TV and radio stations; printing presses; and community film and photography studios. If the ‘new vernacular’ is concerned with the notion of communal knowledge and the communication and transference of this knowledge within collectives, students investigated through their design projects the potential of locally based, networked media programmes to provide a spatial and social platform for such activity.

Atelier 3 was based in a diverse Afrikaandewijk and Katendrecht districts of Rotterdam and at the core of the Atelier is an interest in how new social and technological proposals (such as tactical media initiatives) lead to new forms of urban and architectural propositions. Therefore, students paid close attention to how the various specific activities that tactical media necessitates play out in spatial terms. The spatial and architectural proposals from the Atelier consider what new urban and architectural approaches and forms are possible if tactical media can be said to suggest new kinds of collective institutions, and new forms of social interaction.

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