Atelier 3

Skein / Posthuman territories, matter and programs

Port Talbot and the South Wales Coalfield
Sam Vardy

‘Global nature’ is therefore and above all a space defined by a new socio-geological order in which the divisions that separated humanity and the environment, culture and nature, the anthropological and the geological have been blurred.
                     Paulo Tavares

The notion of the skein is introduced as a methodology for exploring posthuman architectures and territories. It gives us a framework to explore connections and relations across those degrading dichotomies, to imagine spatial propositions that embrace the other, both human and non-human, and which explore the production of space and architecture at the scale of a grain of sand and of vast territories.

Our site for the year will be in southern Wales. Specifically, as a ‘point’, the town of Port Talbot and, as a ‘field’, the South Wales Coalfield.  This part of the planet has a complex and rich history which revolves strongly around the relation of its people to the land, in physical terms of the extraction of matter from the earth, and in social terms of the formation of communities around mining and the employment it provides.