This M.Arch course provides an engaging, research-led and stimulating route to ARB/RIBA Part 2 exemption by redefining and occupying the spaces between academia and practice in architecture.  The course is fundamentally concerned with the changing nature of the profession and discipline of architecture and the potential of developing new relations to, and roles within, society.  Through an innovative 3 year structure, students are able to work in an architect’s practice alongside their Part 2 study, creating a dynamic experience which straddles the spheres of industry and academia at the same time.

The course encourages a reading of architecture beyond simply the design of buildings, instead exploring it as a complex, interdisciplinary and dynamic ecology, designed, constructed and used through creative social, political and material processes.   Our position in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment enables us to explore this through teaching and research connections with planning, geography, construction and environment staff and students.  Furthermore, our position within the Sheffield Institute of the Arts (SIA) provides a stimulating context to explore collaborations with art, design, graphics and interior design departments.

Out of this position emerge three core themes that underpin the course:

– The Praxis of Architecture
– Social and Political Design
– Ecologies of Architecture