Neil Stevenson

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Neil Stevenson is a registered architect and combines teaching at Sheffield Hallam University with practice. Neil has worked in Tokyo and London and he is currently a director of Sagar Stevenson Architects based in Manchester. In the last 20 years SSA have undertaken many mixed use, workspace, social housing and private residential projects within the Northern Quarter and Ancoats. SSA was a founder member of the community and cultural group The Eastside Association, later to become the Northern Quarter Association.  In 1995 SSA were appointed as part of a group of consultants to produce a strategic development plan for the Northern Quarter. He has exhibited on several occasions at the Cube Architecture gallery in  Manchester

Neil has taught at Liverpool University, Manchester School of Architecture and since 2005 at Sheffield Hallam University. He currently leads modules dealing with cultural and urban/landscape context as well as M.Arch Year 5 Studio and contributes to year 3 undergraduate studio design.