Studio 4 (14/15)

2014/15 Alternative Futures for Park Hill

Frame 01

The focus of Design Studio 4 during 2014-15 was the Park Hill estate in Sheffield. Park Hill offers an exciting condition as it demonstrates very powerfully two key principles that the course is based on – the social/political spaces and the material/physical spaces of architecture. Since its conception in the 1960’s this is an architecture that has been embroiled in controversies, be they political, economic, urban, social and so on.

The students developed a range of architectural and urban responses to Park Hill. To do this they carried out a phase of social and political mapping of the estate, and also built a 1:200 experimental model, as both spatial representation and exploration. The subsequent projects ranged in scale from micro-interventions within the apartment spaces to large scale urban proposals.

Tutors: Sam Vardy and Paul King