Year 6


Year 6 comprises 2 modules which are all components of your thesis design project.

Design Studio 6
This is the final design module of the course and where you develop your thesis design project. You work in vertical ateliers alongside Year 5 students for this module, please see the Atelier pages for more information.

Examples of work from previous years can be seen here:
2014-15 Year 6
2013-14 Year 6
2012-13 Year 6

Integrated Practice
This module is concerned with professional architectural practice and management, including regulatory codes and procedures. Practice is both a theoretical and applied subject and these two domains will be investigated in a comparative manner. The focus for learning in this module will be a student-led design project, undertaken in a parallel module, to enable this comparison to be an active and applied process. The key issues that the module addresses are those of contemporary architectural practice, including professional, social, economic and legal. Directed reading includes office procedures, codes of practice and standards. Values and professional ethics are debated, and current practice is set alongside potential future developments in answer to cultural, economic and technological development, in particular the growing sustainability imperative.